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Pest Control Service Extinguishes Fire Ants from Homes and Businesses in DeBary

Fire Ant Pest ControlUnfortunately, fire ants are a common problem in DeBary and throughout Central Florida. These little ants are some of the most dangerous pests that can cause big problems when they infest a home or business establishment. They have had a devastating impact on damaging crops and killing small animals. Anyone who has ever been bitten by fire ants knows that their bite is extremely painful and can cause itching and swelling. It often feels as if the skin is on fire. Not only do fire ants pose a threat to your health and comfort, they can also ruin your lawn without professional and effective pest control measures.

Controlling fire ants is not an easy task. They multiply very quickly within a short period of time. There are many queens in a swarm capable of producing over eight hundred eggs per day. Many consumer product treatments are ineffective because while they may kill some of the fire ants, they may not eradicate all of them or the queens. Also, not all products are safe for lawns which are generally where the fire ant problem begins. Once they get inside your home they pose a danger to small pets.

Bugsy's Exterminating provides residential and commercial pest control for fire ants in DeBary and surrounding communities. Our treatments are safe and effective and designed to extinguish the fire ants and the queens from the lawn as well as inside your home or business. By eradicating the queens, we stop fire ants in their tracks. We have pest control treatments for both indoor and outdoor use that are safe for both lawns and pets.

Debary has a comfortable year-round climate that residents enjoy. But it can also be an attractive playground for pesky pests like fire ants too. If you suspect fire ants are invading your Debary home or business, contact us at 386-873-4829 to schedule pest control. We get the bugs out!