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Lawn Care

Lawn CareLet our lawn care pros help you attain and keep the yard and landscape you deserve. We are certified experts in lawn care and know what your plants need to flourish. Many plants in Florida are not native; because of this, the soil does not contain the nutrients that they are used to. Also, many exotic plants have no defense against local insects and our extreme weather conditions.

There are many different grasses grown in Florida, each with their own specific problems, like invading bugs, fungus disease and drought. We will be glad to help you determine the best way to care for your lawn and find an exceptional lawn care program that fits your needs.

We don't have a magical wand that will instantly zap a nice lush green yard, but we can educate and partner with you in future lawn care endeavors to get the most out of your plants and lawn.

Our lawn care services are provided to residents of DeLand, Deltona, Orange City, and beyond; including (but not limited to) Ormond, Daytona, Sanford, and Lake Mary.